Looking for a Job as a Graduate

It can be one of the most stressful and daunting experiences of your life to come out of university needing, suddenly, to find a job. It can be very difficult to know where to start in your job search.

It is important to be able to deal with the pressure of finding a graduate job. It can be a very stressful activity to look for work at any time, let alone at what may be the very start of your working life. You will doubtless exert pressure on yourself, as well as experiencing it from parents and other relatives.

There are a number of questions that you may not yet know the answer to, such as what you actually want to do for the rest of your life and whether you are prepared to relocate. You may be short of work experience and therefore particularly unsure of what you want to do, or you may be worried about successfully reacquainting yourself with the nine to five lifestyle after a long period of study. You may even be worried about having to compete with the next year’s graduation group if you still don’t have a job after six months of searching. It is important that you don’t allow such uncertainties to force you into making hasty, ill-thought out decisions.

How to Market Yourself

When looking for a job as a graduate, it is important to know how to market yourself. You will need to consider what it is about you that employers will want to buy into. You will need to identify your key skills, ambitions, personality and experience so that you can determine a direction for your job search. You will need to research which graduate jobs are available in the areas that interest you. When applying for work, you will need to prepare a thorough and up-to-date CV and learn about the application and selection process. You should try to improve your interview technique, perhaps by attending mock interviews offered by your university careers service. You may also need to learn about assessment centres and tests.

If you can combine all of these elements effectively, there is no reason why the right company won’t start sending out those all-important ‘buying’ signals when you next come to apply for UK vacancies. Taking such a systematic approach to your job hunt will give you the best possible chance of finding that graduate role.

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